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JET Logistics Solutions - EXECUTIVE SUMMARY

JET Logistics Solutions provides complete and cost effective solutions to the needs of those intimately involved in Importing/exporting and/or clearing and forwarding.

  • Simply and accurately comply with all SARS: Customs requirements, for Imports and Exports, including EDI;
  • Accurately invoice your clients using standard, or special tariffs, per client;
  • Use punch operators to capture Customs declarations, using the JET Customs Tariff Product Library; keep your valuable entry clerks for more important tasks;
  • Invoice Lines can be imported into JET Logistics, saving you both time and providing accuracy;
  • Use JET Customs Tariff to quickly and accurately classify any commodity and calculate all duties, prior to capturing a declaration, in order to provide a quotation to your client;
  • Budget accurately. The only variable is the number of Customs EDI messages sent.
  • Request changes, as JET Logistics Solutions is written in an open manner; it can be modified, or added to, in order to accommodate particular requirements, either statuary, or to suit your particular needs.

This presentation only lightly touches on what JET Logistics Solutions can do for you. Please permit us to arrange a comprehensive demonstration of JET Logistics Solutions.

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